16 February 2018  Movie Spawn 2 

Fan Art Poster by Hunter R Customs

15 February 2018  Spawn #283

Story: Todd McFarlane
Art / Cover: Jason Shawn Alexander
Variant Cover: Todd McFarlane, Szymon Kudranski
Published: February 28, 2018

Spawn stops in Syria to help an ex-military friend defend his town from the ravages war. Can Spawn save an entire village from destruction? Can Spawn save the one person who can offer peace? Or... DO THEY ALL HAVE TO DIE FIRST??

12 February 2018  Happy Valentine's Day

27 January 2018  Spawn #285

Story: Todd McFarlane

Art: Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover / Variant Cover: Todd Mcfarlane, Philip Tan
April 25 / 32 Pages / Fc / T / $2.99

Spawn's new powers continue to manifest as he finds he's able to do things he never could before.

14 January 2018  
Commando Spawn Figure

14 January 2018  Commando Spawn Custom Figure by Hunter R Customs

11 January 2018 Spawn# 282 P.1 & P.7

Spawn 282, with art by Jason Shawn Alexander and colors by Fco Plascencia! This issue marks the introduction of a NEW CHARACTER, soon to have its OWN Image comic book!

08 January 2018 Spawn# 281 New character

New character makes her heroic debut.

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